Friday, February 18, 2011

Presidential search update

The firm assisting Daytona State College with its search for a new president has released a profile that will serve as a springboard for its recruitment efforts.
The document was developed by Dr. Robert E. Parilla of Academic Search, Inc., after the firm’s senior consultant met with a host of college and community constituent groups in January.  It contains general information regarding Daytona State and the communities it serves, as well as the leadership qualities being sought in a new president.
There are two versions of the Presidential Profile available for review on the Academic Search website.  One is a glossy brochure and the other is a printer-efficient plain text version.
Daytona State also has set up a presidential search page on its website, which includes a listing of Presidential Search Committee members.
Academic Search currently is assisting 13 colleges and universities across the country with presidential searches. Daytona State officials expect to have a new president onboard by summer 2011.