Thursday, January 20, 2011

Presidential search consultant on campus this week

Dr. Robert E. Parilla of  Academic Search, Inc. is on campus this week meeting with various college and community constituent groups as he prepares an institutional needs analysis, the first step in the process of finding a new Daytona State College president.

Dr. Robert Parilla met with constituent groups earlier this week.
A senior consultant with the firm hired by the District Board of Trustees to assist with its presidential search, Dr. Parilla offered a short list of questions for constituent groups to reflect upon during their meetings with him. In addition to this week's conferences with area business leaders, elected officials, public school and higher education officials, and Daytona State College students, faculty, administrative, professional and career employee groups, Dr. Parilla also was to meet today during a noon workshop with the Board and on friday with members of the college’s Presidential Search Advisory Committee.

“These are questions I would use with the board, search committee and various constituents to help me develop and refine a written profile to be approved by the board and the search committee,” Dr. Parilla said. “Once approved, the profile will be published and used to recruit and to develop advertisements.”

Constituent groups are being asked to consider the college’s most significant successes and strengths, as well as issues, problems and challenges it faces. They also are asked to reflect upon what they view as the most important qualities and characteristics a new college president should possess, as well as what they believe the new president’s institutional priorities should be during his or her first years in the position.

College board members have said they anticipate hiring a new president by summer.

Academic Search currently is assisting 13 colleges and universities across the country with presidential searches. For more details about the firm, visit them on the Web at