Thursday, January 20, 2011

Southeast Museum to feature new exhibitions

Bream in the Highlights, 2006
Two new exhibitions will be featured at the Southeast Museum of Photography beginning Jan. 29 - May 29:

The Mark of Water: Florida's Springs and Swamps

For more than two decades Karen Glaser has documented amazing worlds beneath the surface of water. Her photography for this exhibition was made "inside" Florida's springs, swamps and waterways, and it provides a unique interpretation of these distinctive environments. Her images convey the mystery and primal power of this environment in a unique and personal view and one that is unfamiliar, alluring and visceral. Glaser evokes this otherworldly aquatic realm as no other photographer has done before.

Read more about her exhibition here.

Images: Found and Lost

Three Birds/Front View, 2000-1
 For the past 30 years, Lorna Bieber has employed stock photographs as the raw material of her art. In her mural-sized photographs and wall-sized montages, she begins with anonymous generic illustrations and images, then reinterprets them through a range of manipulations and photographic techniques.

Her complex, multi-layered method of production results in unique gelatin silver prints that reveal unnoticed, unappreciated and poignant images previously imbedded within their generic sources.

Says Bieber: "The artificial photographic compositions that I create do not exist in our world; they reside in the depths of our collective consciousness."

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