Thursday, April 7, 2011

Education certification ombudsman to serve on state committee

Ana Blaine
Ana Blaine, certification ombudsman for Daytona State’s College of Education, has been selected by the Florida Department of Education to assist in reviewing and revising current competencies, skills and blueprints for the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations.
She will be part of a committee of Florida education professionals who will update the FTCE Professional Education test, intended to maintain professional standards and ensure alignment with the newly adopted teacher and student standards for Professional Education.
“We are very excited for Ana and this opportunity to participate in the revamping of the tests that potential teachers are required to take before receiving their certification to practice in Florida,” said Dr. Les Potter, chair of Daytona State’s School of Education.
Ms. Blaine is a 2007 graduate of the University of Miami, where she earned her Master of Science in Education degree.
More from the College of Education
The College of Education also has been working with the Writing Center and Learning Resources Center to provide education majors with a variety of workshops that can enhance their professional skills.
“These free workshops go above and beyond the curriculum and are the result of great collaboration among different departments and staff working together to help our education majors become the best teachers they can be,” said Dr. Potter.
Theresa Greenbaum
Many of the workshops have been organized by Theresa Greenbaum, senior learning specialist in the Academic Support Center. Workshops already conducted include: Education Writing Series and Classroom Grants; APA - Learn the Correct Way to Use APA In Your Classes; and Test Preparation - Tackling Your Three Required Teacher Certification Tests. Another entitled What a New Teacher Should Know - Building Your Bag of Tricks - Strategies to Use in Your Classroom will be offered April 27 beginning 9:30 a.m. in bldg. 200, rm. 307B. All of the workshops are free to the students.
Ms. Greenbaum will highlight Daytona State’s collaborative efforts to provide enhanced support to education and business program students next month at the Association of Florida Colleges Joint Commission Conference to be held May 12 – 13 at the St. Augustine Campus of St. Johns River state College.